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See what a few of the conference attendees had to say about their business, how they are using social media and why Portland, Maine is a great place to be.

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‘Marketing: the management process that identifies , anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably’
–The Chartered Institute of Marketing

The fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed –  the tools have changed.

And these new tools have turned businesses upside down. Social media promotes a two-way conversation with your prospects and clients, which is no longer an option; it’s the rule. And while you might realize you need to “join the conversation”, you know a successful social media effort is more than a blog here or a Tweet there; it’s more than learning a new technology.

So, what does it take to be successful in social media?

The Whole Gang at the final Panel Discussion

The Whole Gang at the final Panel Discussion

On October 13, thought leaders driving the growth and education of social media were in Portland, Maine to answer questions like this…

“What can we expect tomorrow?”

Social Media is about listening as much, if not more than talking. At The BIG Conference you’ll be able to listen and talk to:

  • Chris Brogan, New Marketing Labs : The Attention Wars and the Rise of the Trust Agent
  • Mike Volpe, Hubspot : You have fans – so NOW what? Conversion, Landing Pages, Offers
  • Corissa  St. Laurent , Constant Contact: Email Marketing and Social Media
  • David Alston, Radian6 : Social media measurement – ROI & SEO: Engagement for business
  • Tim Hayden, GamePlan Experience : Holistic Social Marketing – Experiential and Mobile Media
  • “How’d We Start & When, What, Why’d We Do It? :
    • Laurie Brooks, LLBean
    • Tami Kennedy, Shipyard Brewing Company
    • Fred Abaroa, Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill
  • BIG Dogs Onstage – Panel Discussion and Questions from the Audience & Twitter

The Social Phone – Are you Ready to Answer?

September 21st, 2009

Social media is not media ; it’s yet another two-way communication channel for your customers and your community to reach out to you. And, they ARE, most definitely, reaching out to you now – but are you listening? The ‘social phone’ is ringing. Maybe you hear the ringing but you don’t quite know how to answer? If you DO take a leap and join the social conversations, does your C-Suite understand and support you?

Web 2.0 social media sites have made it much easier for customers to express their issues, joys and needs. Your customers are also communicating online with each other each and every day.

The social phone is ringing.

For the most part they expect their favorite brands to be accessible in the same way – which means YOU. This is an age where customers no longer line up to reach you. Today, you’re lining up to reach a client.

At The Big Conference held in Portland, Maine October 13th, David Alston of Radian6 will conduct an interactive session and will talk about what to listen for, what to say when you engage, and of course, how to measure your efforts and ‘convince the boss.’

The ’social phone’ is ringing. So, the question is: Are you ready to answer?

Come see David with the likes of Chris Brogan [New Marketing Labs and co-author of Trust Agents ], Mike Volpe [Hubspot], Tim Hayden [GamePlan Experience], Laurie Brooks [LL Bean], Fred Abaroa [Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill] and Corissa St. Laurent [Constant Contact] at The Big Conference October 13th in Portland. For agenda, registration and sponsorship information go to The Big Conference website. What’s better than fall in Portland, ME? Getting BOLD with the social phone, that’s what.

September 15th, 2009

The Big Conference is now just four weeks away and as the conference gets closer, the buzz gets bigger. Now, not only is speaker Chris Brogan’s book Trust Agents recognized for being on the New York Times Best Seller list but it is now on the list a well. Not only do we respect Chris because he’s a great guy, but his hard work and business savvy in social media has put him in the ranks with some of the smartest and well-respected business people in the world.

Congratulations again Chris! We’re looking forward to having you back in Maine speaking at The Big Conference!

Let the Countdown Begin!

September 3rd, 2009

Time is Ticking

Time is Flying

There’s about six weeks until The BIG Conference and as we count down to the event, BIG things are happening.

  1. The conference is generating big buzz for its beautiful location and its ensemble of impressive speakers.
  2. We found out that Constant Contact will be one of our BIG sponsors. (Yea!  Thanks Corissa. )
  3. Big-Dog speaker, Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs just had his book Trust Agents listed on the New York Times Best Seller list . Congratulations Chris!! It doesn’t get any BIGger than that!

Yes, BIG things are happening with The BIG Conference, but more importantly is how The BIG Conference will make a big impact on you if you attend.  You’ll want to take something with you when you leave, knowledge or insight – that you didn’t have before. So, what will that be?

The BIG Conference will give you perspective and a broader insight on how and why businesses use social media. Specifically how and why social media is important for you and YOUR business and how it will effect your business plan and strategy – long-term. ***and what steps you can take TODAY***

Having this esteemed ensemble of speakers – in Maine – willing to share their knowledge is a BIG opportunity. When else will you have the opportunity, in one place – on one day – to see Chris Brogan , Mike Volpe (Hubspot) , David Alston (Radian6) and Tim Hayden (GamePlan Experience ) AND be able to pick their collective brains… much less compete at Rock Band! (Chris & David are pretty darn hard to beat, let me tell you…)

The BIG Conference is also a big deal for Northern New England. We’re proud that we’ve lured these big speakers to our beautiful state of Maine. Chris is actually from Maine, so we’re actually happy to get him back ‘home’…  We’re also proud that a few of us Maine ‘locals’ ( Laurie Brooks of L.L. Bean , Fred Abaroa of Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill and yours truly, Lynnelle Wilson of Bold Vision Consulting ) will be speaking with the best of them.

Mid-coast Maine has Pop-Tech but southern Maine has The BIG Conference. We will continue to update you as the countdown begins and we look forward to seeing you on the big day – October 13, 2009! Register for The BIG Conference Here

The Big Conference

July 28th, 2009

What’s better than getting some of this country’s smartest people in social media to come to Maine at the same time and be in the same room at the same time and being able to pick their respective brains?

I’ll tell you!

Getting some of this country’s smartest people in social media to come to Maine at the same time in MID-OCTOBER and be in the same room at the same time so you can pick their respective brains; That’s what.

Bold Vision Consulting is proud to announce The Big Conference; Business 2.0 , a one-day conference featuring social media thought leaders, advisors, authors and practitioners. The agenda is a fast-paced balanced schedule of educational, strategic and practical information about the ways and reasons to best leverage this new technology in your organization.

On October 13th come hear:

Chris Brogan , New Media Marketing and co-author of Trust Agents - Using the web to build influence, improve reputation and earn trust . Boston, MA
Tim Hayden , GamePlan Experience. Austin, TX and NYC, NY
David Alston, Radian6. Fredericton, NB Canada
Mike Volpe, Hubspot. Boston, MA
Laurie Brooks, L.L.Bean. Freeport, ME
Fred Abaroa, Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill. South Portland, ME

Social media isn’t just hype, it has changed how and where people gather, communicate and engage. Hope to see you October 13th and remember…don’t wait for others to do your homework. Be smart. Be BOLD .