The Social Phone – Are you Ready to Answer?

Social media is not media ; it’s yet another two-way communication channel for your customers and your community to reach out to you. And, they ARE, most definitely, reaching out to you now – but are you listening? The ‘social phone’ is ringing. Maybe you hear the ringing but you don’t quite know how to answer? If you DO take a leap and join the social conversations, does your C-Suite understand and support you?

Web 2.0 social media sites have made it much easier for customers to express their issues, joys and needs. Your customers are also communicating online with each other each and every day.

The social phone is ringing.

For the most part they expect their favorite brands to be accessible in the same way – which means YOU. This is an age where customers no longer line up to reach you. Today, you’re lining up to reach a client.

At The Big Conference held in Portland, Maine October 13th, David Alston of Radian6 will conduct an interactive session and will talk about what to listen for, what to say when you engage, and of course, how to measure your efforts and ‘convince the boss.’

The ’social phone’ is ringing. So, the question is: Are you ready to answer?

Come see David with the likes of Chris Brogan [New Marketing Labs and co-author of Trust Agents ], Mike Volpe [Hubspot], Tim Hayden [GamePlan Experience], Laurie Brooks [LL Bean], Fred Abaroa [Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill] and Corissa St. Laurent [Constant Contact] at The Big Conference October 13th in Portland. For agenda, registration and sponsorship information go to The Big Conference website. What’s better than fall in Portland, ME? Getting BOLD with the social phone, that’s what.