Let the Countdown Begin!

Time is Ticking

Time is Flying

There’s about six weeks until The BIG Conference and as we count down to the event, BIG things are happening.

  1. The conference is generating big buzz for its beautiful location and its ensemble of impressive speakers.
  2. We found out that Constant Contact will be one of our BIG sponsors. (Yea!  Thanks Corissa. )
  3. Big-Dog speaker, Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs just had his book Trust Agents listed on the New York Times Best Seller list . Congratulations Chris!! It doesn’t get any BIGger than that!

Yes, BIG things are happening with The BIG Conference, but more importantly is how The BIG Conference will make a big impact on you if you attend.  You’ll want to take something with you when you leave, knowledge or insight – that you didn’t have before. So, what will that be?

The BIG Conference will give you perspective and a broader insight on how and why businesses use social media. Specifically how and why social media is important for you and YOUR business and how it will effect your business plan and strategy – long-term. ***and what steps you can take TODAY***

Having this esteemed ensemble of speakers – in Maine – willing to share their knowledge is a BIG opportunity. When else will you have the opportunity, in one place – on one day – to see Chris Brogan , Mike Volpe (Hubspot) , David Alston (Radian6) and Tim Hayden (GamePlan Experience ) AND be able to pick their collective brains… much less compete at Rock Band! (Chris & David are pretty darn hard to beat, let me tell you…)

The BIG Conference is also a big deal for Northern New England. We’re proud that we’ve lured these big speakers to our beautiful state of Maine. Chris is actually from Maine, so we’re actually happy to get him back ‘home’…  We’re also proud that a few of us Maine ‘locals’ ( Laurie Brooks of L.L. Bean , Fred Abaroa of Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill and yours truly, Lynnelle Wilson of Bold Vision Consulting ) will be speaking with the best of them.

Mid-coast Maine has Pop-Tech but southern Maine has The BIG Conference. We will continue to update you as the countdown begins and we look forward to seeing you on the big day – October 13, 2009! Register for The BIG Conference Here

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